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Carpet Cleaning

Fabric becomes frayed and the colors can fade.  Steam Cleaning is more gentle on the fibers so it can actually increase the lifespan of your carpet and save you money over time. Steam Masters uses truck mounted steam cleaning systems. which are more powerful, produce more heat, airflow and lift than portable units used by some cleaners. Always ask your carpet cleaner if they will be using a truck mounted system.
Steam Masters Commercial Services carpet cleaning

Strip & Wax VCT

To strip & wax floors properly is an art. If either one is done improperly time and money is wasted. Depending on the installed surface, special care needs to be taken to protect them. Over time finishes and grime can build up creating the need to strip & wax floors like VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) floors in bathrooms, hallways, break rooms, school rooms and food service areas. The stripping process removes soil and waxy buildup so that a new finish can be applied to the original surface.
Steam Masters Commercial Services Strip & Wax VCT

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Have you looked at your tile lately? More than likely it’s not as bright and clean as it was when it was first installed. Weekly cleaning helps maintain the flooring but, after time the grout lines begin to get dirty. That dirty buildup not only ruins the beauty and color of your tiles but there is a hidden problem- Bacteria. The grime buildup in your grout doesn’t just discolor the grout lines, it contains harmful bacteria that may lead to illnesses in your household. How do you fix it? The answer is to have your tile & grout professionally cleaned.
Steam Masters Commercial Services Tile & Grout cleaning


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