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Your carpeting is an integral part of your home.  Your family walks, plays, and lives on it, and that wear will start to show over time.   Carpets tend to collect contaminants like dirt, dust, and pet hair.  Cleaning these out will improve the air quality in your home, improve the health and allergies of your family, and of course restore the overall appearance of your carpets.  Don’t take chances with your family’s well-being!  Most experts recommend that carpets should be cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year.

At Steam Masters Carpet & Tile LLC we specialize in bringing these carpets back to life with our Hot Water Extraction process (Steam Cleaning).

Steam Masters uses truck mounted steam cleaning systems because they are:

  • More gentle on the carpet fibers so it can actually increase the lifespan of your carpet and saves you money over time
  • More powerful
  • Produce more heat, airflow and lift than portable units used by some cleaners.
  • Recommended by most carpet manufacturers as the best carpet cleaning method

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Protect Your Investment

Regular maintenance will extend your carpet’s life by reducing wear, and restoring the original look. Your space will look and feel great after a professional cleaning.

Healthier Environment

The hot water we use kills most bacteria, and the powerful suction removes the hidden debris, creating a healthier indoor environment.

12 years of experience

In the carpet cleaning industry. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and our technicians are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Reduce Allergens

Carpets can harbor allergens, causing problems for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma. Our cleaning methods neutralize can reduce allergens by 90%.


MAINTENANCE PACKAGE • Spring CleaningOur least expensive option for those simply wanting to freshen up their home

• Inspect and vacuum all carpeting with beater bars for a deep clean

• Pre-Spray carpeting with cleaning solutions to loosen soils

• Thoroughly steam clean all carpeting with our truck mount system

• Acid rinse carpeting to ensure a soft, fresh feel

• Apply a light, environmentally responsible deodorizer for that “fresh and clean” smell

• Post-inspection with client to assure we’ve met their highest expectations for quality

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PREMIUM PACKAGEOur best and most intensive carpet cleaning process. Contains everything listed above plus:

• Deep scrub all carpeting using our counter rotating brush machine

• Groom carpeting to enhance the final look of the cleaning and reset the “nap”

• Post inspection with client to assure we’ve met their highest expectations for quality

Note:  With the Premium package you may also request applying carpet protector for additional protection to enhance the life of your carpet and provide the following benefits:

• Helps to reduce the chance of permanent stains from spills

• Makes spots and spills easier to remove

• Increase the effectiveness of vacuuming since soil will not stick to the carpet fibers.

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